This Graffiti Reporting Center was created to give the public another way to report graffiti in Eugene and Springfield to Public Works so that it can be cleaned up as quickly as possible.

To submit a report, simply fill out the form and press Submit.

In Fall 2008, we added a mapping component to help identify where an incident occurs. Enter an address, intersection or place to get a drop-down list of valid options. Choose one and press TAB to jump to its location on the map or use the maps alone to pan, zoom and click on a graffiti location.

Valid addresses start with:[house number] [direction (if any)] [streetname]. For example:
100 S 18TH or 200 MAIN or 300 N GRAND
Valid intersection street names are similar. For example:
Valid place names consist of Willamlane parks, 4J schools, and numerous other points of interest.

In order to see the location on the map, you must select an option from the drop-down list and then press TAB.

Contact information, while not required, is very helpful if we have any questions about your report.

If you know (or think you know) who created the graffiti, please let us know so that we can forward that information to the police.

If you have taken a picture of the graffiti, you can attach the picture to your report. First download the picture from your digital camera to your computer. Then, use the Browse button to find and select the picture. Click Open to attach the picture to the report.

If you have any additional information that might be helpful to us, please include it in the Comments box.

Thank you for helping keep our community clean!

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Graffiti Fact Sheet

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